Venue and Accomodation

LARC 2010 will be hosted by Centro Universitario da FEI, in Sao Bernardo do Campo City, São Paulo, Brazil. FEI has a large campus in Sao Bernardo do Campo that is located just 10 km from the capital. FEI is a large site composed by trees and lawns with easy access by the Highways Anchieta and Imigrantes. In 2010, the access to FEI will be facilitated further with the inauguration of the Metropolitan Highway called Rodoanel.

Getting to FEI

By car: The FEI campus in São Bernardo do Campo is easily accessed through Anchieta and  Imigrantes highways, that start in the capital city. There will be exclusive parking space for the event.

By public transportation: One can get to FEI by bus or underground. The closest metro station is Jabaquara, in the Capital. From this station, it is possible to take the Tróleibus to São Bernardo do Campo.

By plane: There are two main commercial airports in the São Paulo area: Guarulhos and Congonhas Airports. None of them have direct access to São Paulo surroundings. However, the Access to FEI is easily possible by cab for both airports. Congonhas airport is the closest one, only few kilometers far from FEI through Imigrantes and Anchieta highways. Guarulhos airport is located outside São Paulo main area, but there are commercial bus lines that link it to the city centre, bus stations and underground.

Official Hotels: possibilities

FEI Campus surrounding is a residential area. The closest hotel is 1 Km far from FEI. However, about 5 Km distant there are many hotels that will be considered as the event official places. Some of them include the following. It is important to notice that there will be bus provided by the event linking the official hotels to FEI campus.  

The event's official hotel is

Av. Nações Unidas, 1501
São Bernardo do Campo - SP - Brazil
Toll free: 0800116768

For other hotel possibilities, please take a look at the Joint Conference Website (




23rd-28th October 2010
Centro Universitário da FEI
São Bernardo do Campo - SP- Brazil
Latin American Robotics Competition (LARC 2010)
Robocup 2009 (c)