Categories and Rules


 LARC 2010 and Robocup Latin America Open 2010 will comprise the following categories. Please, consider that a categoy requires at least 3 teams pre-registered in it so we can guarantee it in the competition .The rules, as well as particularities of some categories are specified for each case. Please, contact the category chair if you have any doubts.


IEEE Latin American Competition Categories

- IEEE Standard Educational Kits (SEK)

- IEEE Open

- IEEE Very Small

Latin America Robocup Open / Robocup Brazil Competition Categories

- Robocup Small- Size (F180)

- Robocup Mixed Reality

- Robocup Simulation 2D

- Robocup Simulation 3D

- Robocup Rescue Simulation Virtual Robots

- Robocup Rescue Simulation Agents

- Robocup Humanoid

- Robocup Junior (RCJ)



        Robotino Logistics Competition





23rd-28th October 2010
Centro Universitário da FEI
São Bernardo do Campo - SP- Brazil
Latin American Robotics Competition (LARC 2010)
Robocup 2009 (c)