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Brazilian Teams inRoboCup 2010 Singapore




Sponsored by:
Sociedade Brasileira de Computação


Organized by

Centro Universitário da FEI


General Chair

Esther Colombini


Robocup Chair

waiting definition


IEEE Chair

Luiz Antônio Celiberto Jr





Profa. Esther Colombini

    Important Dates
              Team Pre-registration:  June, 14th (closed)
              ENRI-LARS Paper Submission: June, 7th (closed)
Team Early Registration:  August, 30th - 2010  (closed)
TDP Submission:  September, 27th - 2010 (Extended)
Team Final Registration:  September, 30th - 2010

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Video Promocional. Participe da CBR 2010 !


   The Latin American Robotics Competition 2010 was a great event. We had the partiticpation of a total of 133 teams from 8 different countries, with over 600 competitors. Thank you all for coming!
   The final results from this year event can be found in the results link and the details of the games are in each category's page.
   We hope that your stay in São Bernardo do Campo and the experience of taking part of LARC 2010 was as pleasant as possible. We ask you kindly to upload your pictures and viedos in the robotics4All community.
   We would like to remind you that the Brazilian Robotics Competition 2011, the RoboCup Brazil Open and the finals of the Brazilian Robotics Olympiad 2011 will occur in São João Del-Rei jointly with the Simpósio Brasileiro de Automação Inteligente ( Stay linked to the news. We hope to see you all in 2011!!!


Next LARC Competition LARC 2011:


Next Brazilian Competition CBR 2011


LARC 2010 Team

23rd-28th October 2010
Centro Universitário da FEI
São Bernardo do Campo - SP- Brazil
Latin American Robotics Competition (LARC 2010)
Robocup 2009 (c)